Wednesday, 30 January 2008

January's Journaling prompt

I want you to really take some time this week, looking over the prompts from this month and your journalling. Find a quiet moment to sit and write how you have grown as a person this last month. ........................

I have been reading again through this month's entries in my blog and realise that it has all brought out the sad lonely side of me, a side that I think I have tried so hard to bury, because sadness only begets more loneliness. I feel that I am a painted clown, you know the big smile that hides a sad, sad man. I hide behind my creativeness, my wordiness, and in a way that becomes my friend, my companion. I am not sure whether this is helping me to grow, or just indulging my moroseness. I have always had a tendency to analyse my feeling and my thoughts too much.


Steph said...

Mary - don't know what to say - your words are so moving - send you lots of love and positive thoughts xxx

Minty Magic said...

Here is a private hug just for you!!!
{{{{{{{{{{{ big hugs }}}}}}}}}}}}