Friday, 18 April 2008

Friday 18th April 2008 (Day 109)


Beejay said...

Lovely background photo Mary. Hope you feel better soon too.

willowthewysp said...

Oh Mary! That is beautiful..the journalling and the photo..the background photo of the window is beautiful too.
I believe you are a very strong woman, who has shown much fortitude. Your inner strength shines through and your words often give me a little strength too, so i thank you for that.

knitkath said...

Mary, you do have courage, to face each new day takes that! I feel we are all showing fortitude doing this challenge with honest journalling. You are a strong woman, an example to us all!

Shirley said...

Mary these are beautiful photos.
Many of the past 109 days your journalling has shown great foritude and strength and like Willow says it gives some of that strength to others.
I admire the way that you cope with the loss of your darling John and am glad that you can look to you Heavenly Father to help you through the bad times. (((hugs)))