Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Wednesday 9th July 2008 (Day 191)

I am really struggling with these and I am afraid that my journalling today comes across a bit angry but it is stirring up things in my past that perhaps I don't want stirred up. I found my teenage years very difficult because I just didn't fit in with my peers (not that we thought of them as peers in those days) and suffered because of it. Rather than rebelling against my parent's generation I rebelled against my own generation.


malaryush said...

{{{{big huggles}}}} Mary. It's hard not fitting in at that age but you turned out just great so good for you!!

Beejay said...

Never fitted in either with the musical themes. I did like The Beatles when they came around though and Cliff Richard was my fave singer in my youth. Most people preferred Elvis and The Stones both of whom I thought were awful!

Lynne aka retired nana said...

I cannot remember ever listening to punk rock but we didn't have a record player and I was still bringing up children too! what a boring time I must have had:):)
Frank is my DH's fav singer. I wasn't interested until we got a music centre in late 80's and then I discovered John Denver and Neil Diamond :)

Minty Magic said...

Mary this doesn't come across as angry. I would have loved to have been around in the 50's to wear those fabby dresses.

Shirley said...

Mary it has been lovely to catch up on your journal, your work is always inspiring. Your story last week was a great idea and I am sure Daniel will treasure it.
Even though at times you say that you find the prompts difficult you come up with really beautiful photos and amazing journalling.
60's music was more my era but did appreciate some of the music of the late 50's too!!!!