Saturday, 26 January 2008

Saturday 26th January 2008

Today, I have not used the prompt, I couldn't it did not tie in with my day at all, but I have used, what spoke to me this morning. Words that I needed to hear, words that I hope will enable me to find my equilibrium again. I don't expect most of you to understand, I am not even going to mention today's journaling to anyone, but if you do see it and it strikes a cord with you then please leave me a comment. I need to put it here, to make it real, to make it affect my life. It is where I am today.


Beejay said...

Glad you found some peace today Mary.

Shirley said...

Mary it is so good when you can take comfort from prayer.
The photo you have put with your prayer is so peaceful and uplifting.
Living life by true Christian values instills a feeling of selfworth that I think we all need.

Jane said...

you are still on the potters wheel mary, we all are, God Bless, hope your ok thanks fro sharing so honestly.xx