Thursday, 24 January 2008

Thursday 24th January 2008

I didn't find it easy to journal today, I am so tired that I felt like giving it all up and just not doing any more, but realised that was being very defeatest. So I made myself find a silver lining, the only one of my list from the 1st Jan that I have mantain all month. I have listed here some of the things I know that I can be grateful for even though at the moment I don't feel right about any of it.


domestic goddess said...

Oh Mary, i hope you feel brighter tomorrw, i think you will like the prompt :):) i hope it cheers you up

Lynne aka retired nana said...

Mary your list is so similar to mine to day! Love the.......every black cloud has a silver lining!
Thank you for your kind words even whilst you were down too.((hugs)) and God Bless xx

knitkath said...

Mary, sending you {hugs}, just remember we are all here, and things sometimes have to look a bit bleak to appreciate when they are bright! Hope tomorrow is brighter!

Shirley said...

Mary you are such an amazing lady even when you are feeling so low and tired you find the strength from somewhere inside of you to be able to post such a lovely page.
I love that photo and the title you have given it.
Hope you are feeling more rested today.

willowthewysp said...

I so love reading your makes me feel quite humble...the way you journal your thoughts and feelings are beautiful

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Please don't give in Mary. You do some fab work and I love checking out your lo's. Sending ((hugs)0